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Our Human Resources division has over 25 years of experience in the industrial market, offering Staffing and Workforce Solutions throughout Mexico.

We provide personalized, efficient and innovative services to meet all your Human Resources needs.

Affiliations and Certifications

Among others

We become strategic partners of our clients, focused on meeting their needs and achieving their goals.



  • Operating and professional levels
  • Individual or mass recruitments
  • Tests and evaluations as needed per position
  • Headhunting

Specialized Services

  • Comprehensive service in accordance with Article 15 of LFT
  • Certified (REPSE) before the Mexican Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS)
  • Registered in multiple activities and/or specialized work applicable within various industries

Payroll Management

  • Payroll processing
  • Generation of paystubs (CFDI)
  • Calculation of federal and state taxes
  • Company salaries’ yearly statements
  • Employees’ annual tax statements

Additional Solutions

  • Psychometric tests
  • Labor and background screening
  • Socioeconomic research
  • Among others

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Privacy policy for BPWork

In accordance with what establishes the Federal Law of Personal Information Protection owned by Particular Parties, we inform that BP WORK MEXICO, S.A. de C.V., (hereinafter THE RESPONSIBLE), addressing at CALZADA DEL VALLE #400, local 144, San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, CP 66220, will manage personal information gathered from the interested with the following purposes

  1. Selection and evaluation for further recruitment.
  2. Payroll management.
  3. Grant Social Security benefits.
  4. Tax calculation and payment.
  5. Background research, such as honesty and skills.
  6. Obtain work references and socioeconomic studies.
  7. Employment files management, and,
  8. Ensure its proper registration into the working systems.

Therefore, in order to achieve the purposes above described, the following personal information will be handled: name, father given last name, mother given last name, birth certificate, place of birth, nationality, voter registration identification (IFE), study degrees accomplished, national registration code (CURP), personal correspondence, marital status, social security number, family record (names, education, company, address, telephone, position, immediate boss, reason of separation, recommendation letters), photography, work references (previous job performance, if there would ever be a rehiring, date of entry and date of exit), the following financial information: mortgage status, layout, quantity and quality of furnishing, furnishing goods inventory, home address receipts, National Institute of Housing Development (INFONAVIT) status, starting and ending salary on the last employment, and the following sensitive information: religious beliefs, drug addictions, regular habits, criminal or commercial records and whether is any link to a labor union

Regarding sensitive information mentioned above, The Responsible pledges to give absolutely essential management for the purposes and under proper security measures in order to protect confidentiality.

ARCO RIGHTS (Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition)

THE RESPONSIBLE has appointed a manager of the personal information (a “Privacy Officer”), therefore disclosure of information uses can be limited through a communication addressed to the PRIVACY OFFICER at the following e-mail: (the “Contact Information”).

Similarly, effective from January the 6th, 2012, you are entitled to: (i) access to all your personal information in our ownership and managing details thereof, (ii) verify in case of inaccuracy or incomplete information, (iii) cancellation, whenever it is considered they are not intended for any of the uses outlined at the present Privacy Notice, or in case your information is being used under not consented uses, or, the contract of service relationship between parties involved had ended, or (iv) object against the processing of the appointed for specific purposes, as prescribed by law (“ARCO Rights” as a whole).

To revoke your consent to the processing of personal information by The Responsible and the execution of your ARCO Rights, an application should be submitted (“ARCO Application”) as follows:

Which shall be submitted to the “Privacy Officer” of The Responsible, addressed at the contact e-mail, and attaching the following information and documentation:

  1. Name, address and e-mail in order to communicate the ARCO Application reply.
  2. Documents that certify identity (voting registration identification (IFE), passport or any other official identification), or where applies, documents that certify a legal representation
  3. A clear and accurate description of the personal information in which the Rights ARCO sought to be executed.
  4. Any document or information that could provide the correct personal information
  5. In case of requesting a correction of the personal information, the modifications should be given and provided with the proper documentation that supports the request, and,
  6. A place should be designated where The Responsible may check to the original attached documentation.

The “Privacy Officer” will reply to your ARCO Application and the reasons of the decision by e-mail within a maximum of 20 labor days from the day the ARCO Application had been submitted. In case of the ARCO Application has been answered affirmatively or proceeding, the changes requested have to be effected on a maximum of 15 labor days. If necessary, due dates referred to in this section should be prorogued only once for an equal period

The Responsible may deny the access (“The Refusal”) to practice the ARCO Rights given the following cases:

  1. Whenever the contract holder is not the owner of the personal information, or cannot certify the representation of the holder.
  2. Whenever the personal information would not work at the database of The Responsible.
  3. Whenever the rights of a third party would be affected.
  4. Whenever a legal obstacle exists, or the resolution of a competent authority awaits, restraining the ARCO Rights, and,
  5. Whenever the rights of correction, cancelation or opposition have been previously performed.

“The Refusal” may be partial, in which case The Responsible will make the Access, Rectification, Cancelation or Opposition of the procedure party.

The practicing of the ARCO Rights will be free of fare, but if the application is repeated during a period no more than twelve months, the fee will be for three-day of current General Minimum wage, in Mexico City (D. F.) area, plus added taxes, unless substantial modifications exist in the Privacy Notice that move to new ARCO Applications. Justified shipping fees, or reproductions such as photocopies or other format costs will be covered by the applicant party.


We inform that personal information may be transferred within and outside the country to third parties other than The Responsible in congruency to the practice of management and the legal nature of the relationship between parties involved in this Privacy Notice. For instance, The Responsible will transfer the information to other companies associated or not to the corporation or related or not to the industry. In addition, The Responsible may transfer the personal information to parties affiliated to The Responsible for marketing, corporative image or other services purposes.

If there are no objections whatsoever to transfer the personal information, it will be understood that consent had be granted for the purposes described


The Responsible keeps the right to perform modifications or actualizations to the present Privacy Notice any given time, understanding that amendments will be posted on the website of The Responsible. Therefore, we recommend checking on the website as frequent as possible.

In the given event a breach of security occurs that compromise moral or property rights at any stage of managing the personal information, the Privacy Officer will contact immediately by e-mail the affected party, in order to take necessary measures to protect the rights. In case the affected party does not own an e-mail, the notification will be posted at the website of the Responsible.


Newsletter e-mails can be blocked away by sending from the e-mail that wants to be eliminated the following subject: “Delete Newsletters” to: Effective no longer than 20 days, publicity will stop.

BPWORK MEXICO, SA DE CV is responsible for the management and transfer of the personal information, under the terms described on the present Privacy Notice.


ARCO Rights are defined as Right of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition of the owners over their personal information. The following terms are defined in the Law of using Information, and they are being used on the privacy notices of BPWORK MEXICO, SA DE CV (hereinafter “BPWORK”), as published on the website

  • Right of access: The Holder has the right to request and obtain free of fare any of the personal information submitted to management by the head of the database, as well as the source of such information and notifications accomplished or planned to be performed on the same.
  • Right of cancellation: The Holder has the right to request and obtain free of fare the cancellation of the personal information whenever the processing would not be in accordance to the provisions of the Law of using Information, or either this information is no longer useful or relevant for the purposes for which was collected by the head of the database.
  • Right to opposition: Manifestation of willingness of the Holder to the head of the database that the personal information would not be subject of any particular processing.
  • Right of rectification: The Holder has the right to request and obtain free of fare the modification of inaccurate or incomplete personal information submitted to management by the responsible.

The Holders or individuals applying for personal information may practice their ARCO Rights under the following procedure:

  • Fill out the ARCO Application, same that will be found at the website:

  • Submit the application(s) in person and properly signed at: CALZADA DEL VALLE #400, Local 144, San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, CP 66220. Applications submitted by other what establishes the present statement will be rejected.

  • For identification purposes, the Holder or individual should attach to the original application a photocopy of any of the following documents:

    • Valid Passport;
    • Voter registration card issued by Federal Electoral Institute (IFE)
    • Professional license, issued by Ministry of Public Education (SEP)
    • National service booklet, issued by Ministry of National Military Defense (SEDENA)
    • Current migratory Document, issued by the proper authority (in case of foreign aplicants)
    • Consular Certificate, issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE)
    • Electronic signature covered by a valid digital certificate, and,
    • Other mechanisms of authentication previously negotiated between parties, the Holder and the Responsible.

  • In the given case that ARCO Application is submitted through a legal representative, a letter signed by the Holder where appoints such legal figure is authorized to execute ARCO Rights on his or her behalf shall be attachd. This letter must have attached any of the identification documents listed above. In addition, the legal representative must bear a power of attorney signed by two witnesses.

  • Note: For the appropriate attention to ARCO Application, the Holder must cover only for shipping, reproduction and document certification fees (if it is the case). If the Holder requests more than an ARCO Application during one year or less, the fees which the company incurs could not be more than 3 days of minimum wage, unless substantial changes to the Privacy Notice occur, and in consequence new inquiries demanded.

  • Once the ARCO Application is submitted, the Personal Information Officers will check if fulfills the requirements previously described, if not, the Personal Information Officer will contact the Holder through e-mail and demand to correct the inaccuracies within the next 5 labor days from the reception of the document. If this is not revised by 10 labor days, the application will be considered as not submitted.

  • Each of ARCO Applications submitted to BPWORK will have a code assigned according to the type of request, either if it is an access, rectification, cancellation or opposition application.

  • The entity would not be bound to cancel the personal information whenever:

  • It refers to the parties of a contract and they are necessary for the performance and accomplishment.
  • Should be treated by law
  • Obstruct administrative or legal proceedings
  • They are necessary to protect legal interests of the holder.
  • They are necessary to perform a legal mandatory proceeding.
  • They are subject of undergoing treatment, such as medical diagnose or any health services management (referring as such treatment as always be performed by a health professional)

Note: If the reply is not satisfactory, the owner can lodge a complaint of the proceedure of personal information protection at the Federal Institute of Access to Information and Protection (IFAI), in accordance of what is described in the privacy information procedures

Application Form for Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition

  • Date:
  • Control Number:
  • Last Name(s) First Name (s)
  • Street Name, Exterior Number and Interior (if applies)
  • Phone number (s)
  • District , City
  • State, E-mail , Zip Code
  • Office Website Email
  • Address City State

  • Access Rectification Cancellation Opposition
  • Address: E-Mail Other (Indicate)
  • Description of your request:
  • Reason for Application:
  • In case of rectification, indicate the following:
  • personal information reads as:
  • personal information should read as:
  • Description of the attached documents proving the modifications
  • Information you want to cancel:
  • Signature

  • * The Holder must show a copy of the official identification document and originals for comparison purposes in order to practice ARCO rights or documents proving the legal representative, if it is the case.

  • Information about the administrative area where the personal information was submitted:
  • Right you want to practice: (Mark with an X)
  • Address of Holder:
  • Request for Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition
  • Name of Holder:
  • Where would you want the answer to be replied: (Mark with an X)
  • In the same area where the information was submitted:

Legal / Privacy Policy

    All information and text contained in the site are showed in an illustrative way to visitors, usage is limited to this site and its total or partial reproduction without written permission from BPWORK will be prosecuted.

    The information provided by the user when sending an email through the site has a confidential treatment, and is being used only for heeding the request of the user purposes.

    BPWORK and its logo are registered trademarks. The registered trademarks and / or mixed, service marks, trade names and other intellectual property rights and / or industry showed at, are registered and protected and in property of the holders who have authorized free showing on our website. Unauthorized use or reproduction without written permission from BPWORK is forbidden.